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More ‘Why this blog’…

For the 2nd ( and temporary) post I wanted to let fellow members know that I have become frustrated with the National Union’s early choice of a Presidential candidate and then in the latest newsletter support for yet another candidate here in San Diego.
…hence… …is created!

Oh… and to let you know… I believe the Hillary endorsement was premature and the Scott Peters recommendation in the last newsletter… well… I better just keep it clean.


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Why this blog?……

Hopefully this blog will evolve into an informative and interactive website where many members can offer their opinions and ideas to improve and correspond with our fine local Branch 70. The issues can include health plans, safety, politics, or just about anything.

Members now have a chance to contribute without a busy signal on the phone and at their own convenience. Its often easier to put together thoughts and ideas from the comfort of your home or while typing at a computer.

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